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LGBTQIA+  Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation

An individual’s sexual orientation or gender identity may not be a source of stress.


But people who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning, asexual, intersexual or any other orientation or gender identity, may find that the social stigma of living as a minority can create anxiety and/or depression.

Gender Identity/Sexual Orientation Clonmel, Ireland
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When seeking Therapy, whether for issues associated with one’s sexual/gender identity or related concerns, it is important to feel that you can talk openly to someone who is qualified to support you with these concerns.

Despite rapidly growing cultural acceptance of diverse sexual orientations and gender identifications, oppression, discrimination, and marginalisation of LGBTQAI+ people persists.


Coping with discrimination and oppression, coming out to one’s family, and sorting out an “authentic” sense of self in the face of social expectations and pressures, can lead to higher levels of depression, anxiety, substance use, and other mental health concerns for LGBTQAI+ people. At Sex Therapy Solutions my role is to support all clients to pave their own route to sexual wellbeing through inclusivity, empowerment and education.

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